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Tourism & Activities

in Cherbourg

Is there anything to see in Cherbourg-Octeville? This time the Normans won’t reply, ‘Perhaps there is! Perhaps there isn't!’
They’ll tell you straight away that underneath its austere appearance, Cherbourg-Octeville holds tourist treasures worth visiting!

An overview of this town in the north of the Cotentin peninsula.

Four ports for one town

Are you a bit of a Captain Haddock (minus the alcohol)? Then Cherbourg-Octeville will charm you with its resolutely marine atmosphere! No less than four ports are available to visit: military, fishing, commercial, and a marina. The marina is the second largest in France, behind that of Cannes (it’s true!). These four ports are accessible 24 hours a day and make up the biggest artificial harbour in Europe.

Must-see sites

Are you wondering what not to miss in Cherbourg-Octeville? We’ll tell you everything. The most important place to visit is without a doubt the Cité de la Mer. This scientific and amusement park (yes, science can be fun!), within the former transatlantic cruise terminal, welcomes thousands of visitors each year. It is dedicated to seafloor discoveries and submarine exploration. Some 17 aquariums (10.7m deep) are available to discover in this park, with over a thousand fish!

You also have time to visit the French submarine Le Redoutable, the leading nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, decommissioned in 1991. You can discover its narrow corridors, bedrooms and living spaces (we wouldn’t recommend the visit to those with claustrophobia!).

And as for museums, you ask?
Without hesitation, we recommend you visit the Thomas Henry Museum, which houses nearly 300 works and sculptures of past centuries. Works created by Camille Claudel, Jean-François Millet or Fra Angelico.


Do you need to occupy your children, or are you looking for a distraction after your working day? Cherbourg-Octeville offers you diverse and varied activities which will undoubtedly respond to your expectations. Lovers of outdoor activities will be able to devote themselves to sand yachting or windsurfing. For a more peaceful sea outing, enjoy a revitalising speedboat trip in the harbour or jump on board a sailing boat for a cruise.

The casino, cinema and bowling alley also welcome you throughout the year for a moment of relaxation as a family or among friends.

What to eat in Cherbourg?

All the great dishes that the excellent Norman cuisine offers!Reserve a table in one of the town’s restaurants and enjoy the tastes of the numerous local products of Normandy.
Meats, dairy products, seafood... Delight your tastebuds without forgetting to water the food down with a delicious cider or local calvados...

Stories about the town

Did you shed a tear at the end of the film Titanic? This legendary liner actually drew alongside the port of Cherbourg in 1912, only a week before the catastrophe.
In 2012, the Cité de la Mer opened a new space called Titanic, Return to Cherbourg.

The famous film ‘Les Parapluies de Cherbourg’, with Catherine Deneuve, was shot in 1964 and collected the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

There you go, now you know the interesting things to discover during a stay in Cherbourg.

All that’s left is to book your room!
Welcome to Normandy, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in the world!